#41: How To Educate Our Children with Truth When We Have Been Lied To Throughout History with Justin from WeAreChange.Org

Conspiracy Theorists- this one's for YOU! Normies- buckle up!!

Have you ever pondered what lies beneath the surface of mainstream media and its influence on our lives? Have you questioned the role of government control in shaping our lives and those of our children? This episode is a deep dive into these questions with Justin, an active member of the media organization We Are Change.

Our conversation traverses the vital role of media activism, the power of knowledge, and the need for critical thinking skills in our children. Justin shares an enlightening perspective on the one-sided narratives presented in textbooks and the significance of scrutinizing these narratives. We discuss alternative resources like the Tuttle Twins and observe the increasing trend towards homeschooling. The conversation then transitions from the world of media and politics to the intriguing world of underground bases and tunnels.

As we explore the impact of technology on our lives, we reflect on the importance of equipping our children for a future filled with unknowns. We discuss the balance between academic knowledge and real-world skills, emphasizing the necessity of preparing our kids with the tools they need to navigate life. This episode promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of media, alternative education, and government control. Justin’s unique insights offer a refreshing perspective on these complex topics. Tune in for an insightful and engaging conversation!

Sources discussed:
Freedom to Fascism
What's Really Going On- Dr. Steven Greer
The One World Tatarians
One World Order
Justin's Instagram – @Justin_wearechange
Justin's YouTube

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