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Unmasking the Cracks in our Education System: A Talk with Scottish Lecturer, Nicola

What if the education system is failing our children, leaving them ill-prepared for the real world and stifling their creative potential? We tackle this pressing issue in our deeply...

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“How Cancer Impacted My Decision to Homeschool” with Therapist, Emilee Krupa

What if you held the power to shape your child's education, prioritizing connection over curriculum? How might your family's life transform if you embraced a holistic lifestyle, reducing exposure...

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#41: How To Educate Our Children with Truth When We Have Been Lied To Throughout History with Justin from WeAreChange.Org

Conspiracy Theorists- this one's for YOU! Normies- buckle up!! Have you ever pondered what lies beneath the surface of mainstream media and its influence on our lives? Have you...

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Cheryl - Host

Join me as I chat with homeschoolers to discuss, "Why are people homeschooling?" "What works and what doesn't?" "What are the differences in how we homeschool from region to region?" And ultimately, "Should I homeschool my kids?"

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