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#67: Urban Homeschooling: Embracing Family, Flexibility and Community Resources

Homeschooling isn't just a pastoral dream; it thrives amidst the urban jungle of Hartford, Connecticut, too. Chai joins me, Cheryl, to weave her tale of teaching her kids outside...

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🔒 Math Inspirations

Subscriber-only episode Have you ever wondered if there's a math curriculum out there that could completely change the way your child engages with numbers? Erica from Michigan joins me...

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#66: A Mother’s Day Gift For You: Book Recommendations to Transform Your Mindset, Your Heart, and Your Homeschool

Embark on a journey of discovery and empowerment as Katie Berry, a beacon of inspiration, returns to our show to share her pearls of wisdom for homeschooling mothers. Delight...

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I'm Cheryl- your fellow
conspiracy mama, who doesn't trust the government with my kids.
And guess what- I have NO idea how to homeschool!
So, I interview the people who do!
I left my 16 year government career and set out on a journey to learn ALL THE WAYS people are homeschooling- kicking the cubicles and classrooms from our lifestyle.
Join me as I embark on this exciting adventure!

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