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The Rise of Homeschooling in Urban Areas and What You Need to Get Into College as a Homeschooler

Unlock the mysteries of homeschooling with Manisha from Teach Your Kids, as we explore the changing face of education in this riveting podcast. Prepare to challenge your preconceptions and...

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53: What is Classical Conversations and How Does It Fit Into a Co-op?

When Kelly from Pennsylvania swapped her daughter's full-day kindergarten schedule for the tailored rhythms of homeschooling, it wasn't just a change of pace—it was a revolution for her family's...

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#52: From Substitute Teacher to Co-op Creator: This is Anna’s Story

When Anna Cunningham transitioned from a traditional classroom substitute teacher to a homeschooling advocate, she uncovered a world of education she never knew existed. Embrace the freedom to tailor...

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Join me as I chat with homeschoolers to discuss, "Why are people homeschooling?" "What works and what doesn't?" "What are the differences in how we homeschool from region to region?" And ultimately, "Should I homeschool my kids?"

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