Get to know about our podcast

My name is Cheryl, i'm 39 years old and a mom of two. My husband and I decided to pull my son from daycare in 2021 when New York started masking 3 year olds. I joined a few homeschooling playgroups so that my son had some interaction with kids- you know- that socialization they always talk about 🙂 but in the back of my mind, I kept thinking, this will never be me!
EVery homeschooler I met, I bombarded with a list of questions. while I was on maternity leave with my new baby, I decided to start putting these interviews into a podcast, thinking- if I want to know this stuff- so do other parents!
So off I went, to learn about podcasting and homeschooling (all while nursing!)- and what a ride it's been! I have been blessed with having the most amazing people on my podcast and I have learned so much!
I hope I am able to help other homeschooling and "homeschooling-hesitant" parents take the plunge into a world of freedom, community, and familial bond that creates a love of learning right from child to the parent.
If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that no one on their deathbed ever said "i wish i spent less time with my kids." so spend it with them now, when it matters, fostering their love of learning and making the bonds that last a lifetime.