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Earthley Wellness

At Earthley Wellness, we have a very simple philosophy: all families deserve access to truly clean, natural, and affordable health and wellness products. From Body Care, Herbal Remedies, ANXIETY RELIEF, Vitamins & Minerals, Cleaning Products, Baby Care, Skin Care, Educational Resources, and a line of Homeschooling Products, you will find items to meet your needs in a natural, healthy AND affordable way!
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Are Your Kids Being Brainwashed?

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Raise Them Well

Raise Them Well is a husband and wife team. Wiggy is an MD who spends his days finding the root cause of his patients problems and recommending natural healthy solutions. Emily is a personal trainer and wellness coach who spends her days coaching women about how to be healthier.
Thanks to input and support from likeminded families, Raise Them Well now offers four calming magnesium products for babies and kids, prenatal vitamins and Belly Balm for moms-to-be, and Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Vitamin D and K2, Hand Sanitizer and Bug Spray for the Whole Family.
You can trust these Toxic-Free Certified products that carry the seal of the Toxic-Free Foundation, a third party non-profit organization, which not only requires the products be toxic-free, but also the manufacturing facility. Check out their site today!!
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Everything you need to Homeschool Successfully

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Welcome to Treehouse Schoolhouse!

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The F.O.R.M. Curriculum

Health Education Curriculum Your Kids Will Love You can give your children everything they need to build a foundation in health that will last for the rest of their lives. Many parents can find it challenging to know how to cover the health credit in a complete way. Most health curriculum is filled with content that doesn't align with our values and forces us to constantly SIFT through the content to find what is fitting and relevant. So, we created a turn-key program for kids and teens that helps them create a Biblical worldview in health in a fun and engaging way. Use the code at checkout and get 15% off. Code: CHERYL