#4: Curriculum, Curriculum! How Kids Learn and What Curriculum is Best for You

Katie joins us today from Idaho. She has five kids; two who attended public school and three who have been exclusively homeschooled. Katie's background in psychology and as a curriculum consultant brings some great information to the table as she explains how kids learn.

Katie gives us an in-depth description of each curriculum she uses for each subject and why. She explains how content-based subject matter, like; grammar, science, social studies, and geography, can be taught as 'family-style', while skills-based subject matter, such as reading and math, should be taught independently.

What curriculum does Katie suggest is best for you? Listen to find out!

Curriculum discussed:
Pam Barnhill- Your Morning Basket (pahttps://www.nessy.com/en-gb/nessy-reading-and-spellingmbarnhill.com)

Open and Go curriculum- minimal prep work!

Katie's recommendation:
The Good and the Beautiful (https://www.nessy.com/en-gb/nessy-reading-and-spellinggoodandbeautiful.com) **open and go** for:
-Math (spiral technique): K-3 parent-led, grades 4+ video-led

K-3- no need to do grammar at this age, focus on phonics, reading, handwriting.

K-3: All About Reading – Official Site | https://www.nessy.com/en-gb/nessy-reading-and-spellingHomeschool Reading Program (allaboutlearningpress.com)

All About Spelling – Official Site | Homeschool Spelling Program (allaboutlearningpress.com)

Neshttps://www.nessy.com/en-gb/nessy-reading-and-spellingsy Reading and Spelling | Nessy (for child to do while working with other children)

Explode The Code Online (for child to do while working with other children)

Draw Write Now – Christianbook.com (for child to do while working with other children)

Michael Clay Thompson | Royal Fireworks Press (rfwp.com)

Language Arts- break up into goals. Grades 4-6 finish handwriting, start cursive, spelling (Michael Clay Thompson, All About Spelling, Outschool)

Institute for Excellence in Writing (iew.com)

For online classes-
Set Learning Free: Let kids' curiosity run wild with classes and groups on any topic you can imagine. (outschool.com)

Curiosity Stream | If it's out there, it's in here
Generation Genius: K-8 Science Videos for Kids – K-12 Internet Resource Center (k12irc.org)
Watch The Magic School Bus | Netflix
Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS

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