#19: Homeschooling from a Father’s Perspective

This week we chat with Bob Spoljaric, father of two girls, from Pennsylvania. Bob and his wife have been homeschooling for three years. Bob tells us how he contributes to the homeschooling process- and how important the father’s role really is. 

We discuss the difference between the mental “pull” in a household setting versus the work setting. We also talk about the importance of the time we have here- in the now- and how living life according to milestones like promotions and retirement, which are usually set by a third party, is not the only path there is. The “industrial mousetrap” is all part of what school and society teaches us to seek, what we should value, and what success looks like. But is it really living your best life?

Bob really hits home for me when he explains how people develop strong relationships with one another when a common struggle is shared. However, the ability to create a shared struggle is gone when you don’t spend enough time together as a family. How many of us can relate to the hustle and bustle of the daily grind? Rushing to work, rushing to school, rushing home, rushing to practice, rushing to get food on the table.. when we live this way, we- and our family members- are creating shared struggles with people outside of the home and not with eachother, which contributes to the breakdown of the family unit. 

Don’t miss this episode! It’s a great tribute to all the dads out there for Father’s Day weekend! 

Discussed during episode:
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