🔒 Curriculum Series: Blossom and Root- Language Arts, Science & Nature Study

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Prepare to be whisked away into the heart of homeschooling as Olivia Rian shares her treasure trove of knowledge on the Blossom and Root curriculum. Through our engaging discussion, listeners will grasp how this unique educational framework beautifully weaves together language arts, science, and nature study from preschool through the elementary years. Olivia, with her practical insights, unveils the delights and challenges of pairing Blossom and Root with programs like Wild Math and Easy Grammar, ensuring a rich tapestry of learning for every child. As we journey through the curriculum's evolution, you'll discover its increasingly user-friendly approach from the third grade, allowing for a smoother daily teaching experience.

This episode isn't just about curriculum choices; it's an invitation to reimagine the classroom under the sky. Join us as we share inspiring nature-based science activities that promise to ignite curiosity across grade levels. From weather journals for eager first graders to the intricacies of physics for budding fourth-grade scientists, Olivia articulates how everyday practices like gardening and composting bring complex concepts to life. Together, we map out the rhythm of daily lessons, integrating art and literature into a seamless educational dance. For those seeking to nourish their child's learning with the freshness of the outdoors and the flexibility to tailor education to individual needs, this conversation sparkles with possibilities.

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