#73: Behind the Agenda with Alex Newman

What if the primary goal of education isn't about securing a high-paying job but about knowing and glorifying God? This week on The Homeschool How To, we're joined by Alex Newman, who opens our eyes to the deep-seated motivations behind why parents send their children to school. Challenging the conventional wisdom of public education, Alex delves into the history of the system, highlighting ideas that have molded a state-driven agenda that often undermines genuine learning.

In a riveting segment, we unpack the radical methodologies of John Dewey, supported by John D. Rockefeller and other major foundations, which led to a dramatic transformation in how education is perceived and delivered.

We then confront the inherent dangers of socialism and communism, ideologies that starkly contradict God's moral codes. Join us for a deeply compelling episode that aims to restore Christian principles in the heart of education.

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