#71: Happy Father’s Day! Let’s Hear What My Husband Has To Say About Homeschooling, My Podcast, and the Truth Behind Green Energy and Working in the Trades

What happens when a seasoned HVAC professional takes a detour through automotive work, and ends up finding his true calling? This week, we're celebrating Father's Day by inviting my husband, Chris, to share his extraordinary 20-year journey in the HVAC trade. From his early days tinkering with cars in college to discovering his passion for HVAC through a family connection, Chris offers a firsthand account of a career built on hands-on problem-solving and mental satisfaction. Together, we explore how his experiences could spark a renewed interest in trade education for future generations.

Ever wondered about the complexities behind seemingly simple trade professions? Chris takes us behind the scenes of plumbing, particularly focusing on the crucial task of maintaining hospital chillers. Through his narrative, we uncover the lesser-known aspects and challenges of trade professions, like the decline in interest despite the high job satisfaction they offer. Our conversation doesn't just stop at technical skills; it veers into broader topics like the mental well-being that comes from engaging in tactile, hands-on work, and the rewards of a job well done.

Our discussion also spans technological advancements in trades, the future of cryptocurrency, and the environmental implications of electric vehicles. We critically assess the paradoxes in green energy policies and the role of natural gas in today's energy landscape. In the final segments, we shift gears to discuss parenting, education, and even our personal journey towards a healthier lifestyle, including our switch to non-alcoholic beers. This episode is a comprehensive exploration of diverse yet interconnected topics that promise to offer valuable insights for everyone.

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