Unmasking the Cracks in our Education System: A Talk with Scottish Lecturer, Nicola

What if the education system is failing our children, leaving them ill-prepared for the real world and stifling their creative potential? We tackle this pressing issue in our deeply engaging discussion with Nicola, a lecturer from Scotland, who shares her unique insights on this matter. We turn our focus to the infantilization of youth, particularly in the UK and Scotland, and how government policies contribute to this alarming trend. We question the skills traditional education imparts and highlight the glaring disconnect between what's taught in schools and what's needed in the workforce.

Our conversation takes a fascinating turn as we scrutinize the influence of government and media manipulation, specifically in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We dissect the breakdown of systems, the strict measures implemented in the US and the UK, and the role media and Hollywood play in shaping public opinion. We go on to discuss the issues surrounding borders, diversity, and censorship—touching on the BLM protests, open borders, and immigration. In a thought-provoking discourse, we question and critically evaluate the ongoing societal concerns.

Finally, we explore the challenges and frustrations of teaching in a censored environment and the potential negative impacts on students. We come up with creative solutions for parents to engage their children in problem-solving activities and underscore the significance of creativity in education.  This conversation is more than just an informative discussion—it's a call to action for a better, more effective education system. Tune in to feel connected, inspired, and more informed about the education landscape today.

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2 comments on “Unmasking the Cracks in our Education System: A Talk with Scottish Lecturer, Nicola
  1. Andrew says:

    Great chat. Can you post Nicola’s links? Thanks

    1. Cheryl says:

      YES! I realized I forgot to include these with the show notes initially. Here you go!


      Thanks for the purchase!! Enjoy! And thank you for listening!!


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