Leaving the Corporate World and Becoming a “Mom-Preneur, ‘ with Micaela S. Benn

Embark on a captivating journey with Micaela S. Benn, the distinguished guest of this episode who is not just a jack of all trades but a master of many. She's a homeschooling hero, an imaginative children's book author, and a savvy marketing whiz all rolled into one. As we unravel Micaela's story, you'll find that the art of balancing homeschooling while nurturing a creative career is not only possible but can be incredibly fulfilling. Micaela's personal journey began with her son's precocious learning milestones, leading her down the path of homeschooling. The tale continues as she crafts the charming “Little Mr. Fix-It Assists with the To-Do List,” a narrative close to her heart that mirrors her son's journey and resonates with young readers and parents alike.

Together, we navigate the world of podcasts, books, and digital marketing—a trifecta that demands resilience and adaptability. Micaela's transition from the corporate sphere to the entrepreneurial world is laden with pearls of wisdom for those looking to make a similar leap. Her insights on using social media as a tool for growth, without the pressure of constant content creation, are invaluable for any parent balancing business and family life.

Whether you're a fellow parent-educator, a creative soul, or just someone looking to seize the day more effectively, this episode promises strategies and solidarity in the continuous quest for personal and professional growth.
Micaela's Children's Book
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The 12 Week Year
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