How To Shift Your Homeschool from “Something To Get Through” to “A Way of Life”, with Curriculum Expert Amber Coglianese

This week we sit with Amber Coglianese, a momma who homeschooled all five of her children. They are adults now, so we chat about what homeschooling kids back in the 90s and early 2000s was like.

I ask Amber, a homeschool curriculum expert, “what is the best curriculum to use?” You may be surprised at her answer. Amber matches people up with curriculums just as a wedding dress seller matches future brides with their dream dress.

We discuss how to make your homeschool a “way of life” instead of just something to “get through”- so your day can begin. We also talk about the difference between having a schedule and having a rhythm.

Amber tells us how she managed homeschooling five kids at one time; what subjects could be taught together, and what should be done independently. She explains how she kept the little ones occupied as she worked with the older kids. 

Since her children are all grown up now, Amber started Storybook Umbrella- which has since been changed to Backpack Homeschool. 
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🌎Travel the World Through Children’s Literature
🎒 Unpack How to Homeschool
💛 Helping Families Foster a Love of Learning

We also chat about why poetry is important- as I had no clue why it is recommended for us to read poetry to our kids. 

We discuss what kids need to know by each age- don't miss what Amber says on this!!

And what is Amber's advice on what to do when you and your little homeschoolers are just constantly butting heads during homeschool time? Her recommendation on this is a must, and it's so simple.

This is an interview I am very proud to release. Hearing from the moms who completed the homeschooling journey with their kids and what advice they have for us moms just starting out is priceless. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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