Growing Up Homeschooled: What Morgan Does Differently with Her Kids

Ever wonder how to successfully transition from a structured career to the unpredictable world of homeschooling? Join us this week on The Homeschool How To as Morgan from Tennessee shares her inspiring journey, shedding light on Tennessee's relaxed homeschooling regulations and her choice of utilizing umbrella schools to streamline reporting. Morgan’s story is not just about logistics; it's a heartfelt reflection on her experiences growing up homeschooled and how it shaped her decision to educate her three young children at home, and what she chooses to do differently.

Balancing motherhood and homeschooling can be an emotional rollercoaster, especially when leaving behind the security of a conventional job. In this episode, Morgan opens up about the struggles of finding new purpose and identity in full-time motherhood. She offers insightful advice on creating routines and finding joy in the homeschooling journey, making it more manageable and enjoyable.


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