Bonus Episode! Redefining Children’s Wellness: Natural Approaches to ‘Raise Them Well,’ with Emily Saunders

Embark on an enlightening journey with us as we converse with Emily, co-founder of Raise Them Well, about the inception of a product line that's redefining children's wellness. As a mother and entrepreneur alongside her integrative medicine physician husband, Emily brings to the table a treasure trove of insights on nurturing your family's health naturally. From the skin's remarkable ability to absorb to the influence of diet on our children's growth, we cover the vital choices we must make. This episode promises to peel back the layers on the conscious decisions we can take to ensure our little ones thrive, all while navigating the complex world of ingredients in personal care products.

Are over-the-counter laxatives the only answer for your child's digestive woes? Think again. We take a closer look at Mag-Go, Emily's gentle, magnesium oxide-based solution designed to ease childhood constipation without the unpleasant side effects often associated with traditional treatments. Discover how this thoughtful alternative, alongside topical magnesium options, can bolster your child's mineral levels and digestive health. This segment is a beacon for any parent seeking refuge from the sea of concerning ingredients in conventional treatments, offering peace of mind with a natural remedy that's kind to your child's system.

Finally, join us as we thread the needle through all the other benefits of magnesium, as there seems to be a magnesium craze at the moment. Learn how powerful it can be and why it works so well. As we navigate the balance between career ambitions and nurturing a home, this episode serves as a reminder of the beauty and strength found in the evolving roles of women and the collaborative spirit of family. Emily, our esteemed guest, not only shares her wisdom from Raise Them Well but also fosters a community for parents adapting to these life transitions, ensuring you don't walk this path alone.

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