#9: One Mom’s Journey: From Not Fitting In to Pioneering a New Path Forward

Rachel joins us today from New Jersey. She started her son in public school but after he was diagnosed with special needs, she found herself trying to help the teachers more than the teachers were helping her son. Rachel pulled her son from school and began the homeschooling process.

Sadly, Rachel discovered that she and her son felt out of place within the homeschooling community. Playgroups had cliques among the kids and adults and the experience was not as welcoming as she had hoped, especially with her new baby in tow.

So, Rachel started her own group with a focus on making every person feel as though they “fit in”.  The group quickly expanded to over 30 families. Rachel leads projects in Art, Science, and Math weekly, with a goal of expanding out to other counties and states in the future. Please check out her website, Pioneering Kids, Inc. for more information:

Pioneering Kids Central NJ based out of Monmouth County

Pioneering Kids Inc

Pioneering Kids South NJ based out of Salem County


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