#8: From Unschooling Her Boys to Creating an Online Adventure Education Community- This is Tiya’s Story

Tiya joins us from Florida, where she used the unschooling approach with her two boys from the very beginning. Learning through exploration and sensory activities were the main components to the education of Tiya's sons. Once the boys reached high school, they wanted to enroll in a mainstream education through a local private school. Once there, Tiya expanded her love of homeschooling and helped create the Inner Bliss Sanctuary, an online support community for homeschooling families with an emphasis on adventure education.
I loved talking with Tiya because she makes you want to throw your curriculum books out the window and get your hands dirty with some good ol' fashioned fun. She brings a spark to learning that gets you excited about the journey you are embarking on. Talking with someone at the other end of the spectrum, as her boys are 6'4″ and driving now- it is a breath of fresh air to know we don't have to worry about worksheets, flash cards and reading by a certain age. Check out Tiya's website and click on Community to find out more!


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