#68: Drawing a Different Path for Our Kids with Tuttle Twins Illustrator, Elijah Stanfield

Ever wondered what it's like to step off the beaten path and carve out an educational journey tailored to your child's unique needs? Join me, Cheryl, as I sit down with Elijah Stanfield, the creative illustrator behind The Tuttle Twins series, to unravel the tapestry of homeschooling. We share stories of shifting gears from conventional classrooms to the world of homeschooling, discussing the hurdles and victories that come with such a personal transformation. Elijah opens up about his decision to homeschool, motivated by his children's early boredom and health issues.

The conversation then blooms into the collaboration and creativity that fuels children's literature, as we celebrate the ten year anniversary of The Tuttle Twins. Elijah, once a corporate animator, now a cherished children's book illustrator, details the rich partnership with author Connor Boyack and how it's a testament to the untapped potential of young minds.

This episode isn't just a discussion—it's a gateway to understanding the transformative power of education and the freedom homeschooling can offer. So tune in and be inspired by the possibilities that lie within the heart of learning with my special guest, Elijah Stanfield.

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