#67: Urban Homeschooling: Embracing Family, Flexibility and Community Resources

Homeschooling isn't just a pastoral dream; it thrives amidst the urban jungle of Hartford, Connecticut, too. Chai joins me, Cheryl, to weave her tale of teaching her kids outside the conventional classroom. Together, we debunk the myth that you need a backyard chicken coop to successfully educate your children at home, and instead, we champion the power of intentionality and the treasure troves of community resources like libraries and museums.

We often hear about the rigidity of school bells and schedules, but what if learning could dance to the rhythm of a child's innate curiosity? Our conversation illuminates the homeschooling landscape where play and spontaneity are as integral to learning as literacy and math. We're not shying away from traditional schools either; we discuss the strategic chess move that is transitioning back to formal education when it best suits a child's journey, proving that education is not a one-way street.

Navigating the homeschooling waters can be tricky, but I'm throwing you a lifeline in our latest episode. Whether you're a seasoned homeschooler or just considering the plunge, join us for an honest look at the flexibility, challenges, and profound rewards that come with taking the helm of your child's education.

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