#66: A Mother’s Day Gift For You: Book Recommendations to Transform Your Mindset, Your Heart, and Your Homeschool

Embark on a journey of discovery and empowerment as Katie Berry, a beacon of inspiration, returns to our show to share her pearls of wisdom for homeschooling mothers. Delight in her transformative strategies for intertwining books into the fabric of a busy mom's life, and find solace in the pages that promise growth and wisdom. Together, we unveil the joys of incorporating reading into your daily rhythm, from the convenience of audiobooks during mundane tasks to the tranquility of printed stories in the stillness of the night.

As our episode reaches its thoughtful conclusion, we shine a light on curriculum choices and the pivotal role of continual parent learning. Experience literature-based curriculum that ignites curiosity and grow alongside your children, embracing Charlotte Mason's philosophy that elevates the role of the educated mother in the homeschooling voyage. As Mother's Day approaches, join us in honoring the remarkable dedication of homeschooling mothers and their profound impact on the tapestry of family life and education.

Book Recommendations (it did not let me link these 🙁 but here are all the books we discussed):
Teaching From Rest
Brave Learner
Awakening Wonder
For the Children's Sake
A Pocket Full of Pinecones
Know and Tell
Educating the Whole Hearted Child
Mere Motherhood
Mrs Sharp's Traditions
Memory Making Mom

Katie's 1st episode- Episode #4
Episode with Pam Barnhill

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