#65: Understanding the Truth Behind Accepting State Funding for Homeschool

Trigger Warning!! Listen, we don't judge, but we DO want people to make informed decisions and not be tempted by the carrots the *powers that be* dangle for us- before they bind our wrists with the rope those carrots are dangle from!

This week, embark on an insightful exploration of homeschooling with Andrea from Idaho, a mother of four and a homeschool graduate herself, who joins me, Cheryl, to discuss the nuances of teaching children outside the traditional classroom. Andrea's rich narrative provides us with a window into her decision to educate her kids at home, highlighting the unique challenges and freedoms that come with homeschooling.

Confronting the tentacles of government funding within the homeschooling sphere, we navigate through the potential pitfalls that financial assistance can bring. Digging into the ripple effects, such as stifling creativity and risking overregulation, we emphasize the need for vigilance in maintaining the freedom to educate at home. Tapping into resources like Homeschool Idaho and the Tuttle Twins series, Andrea provides insights on navigating education and legislation, all while fostering a supportive homeschooling community. Join us on this journey of discovery, and become part of the conversation shaping the future of home education.

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Homeschool Idaho FAQ

Article on School Choice

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