#63: The Growing Epidemic of Detached Mothers and What We Can Do About It, with Erica Komisar, LCSW

When Erica Komisar, a venerated psychoanalyst, joined me for a heart-to-heart, we peeled back the layers of motherhood's unspoken complexities and its intersection with professional life. We navigated through the cultural currents that often undervalue the art of nurturing, while also examining how the professional world beckons women with the allure of success outside the home. This conversation isn't just about the choices we make; it's a deeper look into the societal narratives that shape these decisions and the profound impact of maternal presence on the emotional and psychological development of our children.

Being a mother who transitioned from government service to homeschooling, I've lived the tug-of-war between career ambitions and the yearning to be an anchor in my children's life. This episode is a canvas of my reflections, shared struggles, and the wisdom Erica brings on how societal changes influence our parenting skills, including the often-overlooked need for recognizing and respecting the emotions tied to our sense of loss and gain in this journey. We ponder the significance of being fully present, the enchantment of early childhood development, and the imperative to guard our young ones from the potential pitfalls of technology.

With the world polarized on how to balance career and family, our dialogue aspires to foster respect for the myriad choices parents face, advocating for an integrated approach that honors different paths to shaping our children's futures. Join us on this expedition to reimagine motherhood's essence and the undeniable power of parental influence.
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