#6: A Mom Who Was Homeschooled Herself: What She Does Differently When Homeschooling Her Kids and What She Warns Homeschooling Parents About

Keiva joins us today from Vermont. She was homeschooled as a child and is now a mom of six. Her older children attended private school but because of severe bullying, she brought them home to homeschool. Keiva tells us of her experience as a homeschooled student in a small town and gives a warning to other parents currently homeschooling their kids.
We discuss the opportunities allotted to homeschoolers in Vermont, and possibly in your state as well, that are not generally known about. Keiva discusses how she gave up her business to care for her children, but how she has since created another business of her own.
We talk about the lack of students getting into the trades and how places like the career development center are not utilized enough. Keiva explains how her son entered a competition through Skills USA and won many scholarships- another underutilized resource.

Career Development Center/Career Resource Center
Front Page – SkillsUSA.org

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