#55: Adding Chickens to Your Homeschool- Everything You Need to Know

Ever wondered how the clucking of chickens could sync up with the laughter of children learning from the comfort of their home? Dahlia, the spirited President of Chickenlandia, joins yours truly, Cheryl, to weave a fascinating tale of the parallels between homeschooling and chicken keeping. Together, we uncover how the pandemic has hatched a growing movement of families taking education and poultry care into their own hands, shedding light on the unexpected educational opportunities nestled within the feathery embrace of backyard chicken rearing.

As we navigate through the coop and beyond, Dahlia and I peck at the practical side of chicken husbandry, discussing coop designs, the wonders of chicken tractors, and the golden yolks of pasture-raised eggs. We tackle everything from the molting mysteries to predator-proofing, all while savoring the nutritious and delicious benefits of raising happy, healthy hens. Our heart-to-heart extends to you, dear listener, with invitations to leave your mark with reviews and to join our flock in spreading chicken wisdom and compassion.

To cap off our clucking good conversation, we share personal stories that pluck at the heartstrings, from Dalia's immigrant roots to the binding threads of community that chickens seem to weave effortlessly. We brood over the importance of urban farming in the fight against food deserts and the deep cultural significance these feathered friends hold across communities. Whether you're just curious or already nesting with your own brood of chicks, join us for an episode brimming with heartfelt anecdotes, practical advice, and a reminder of the simple joys that connect us to the natural world.
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