#46: What is a Logical Fallacy and How Do We Teach Kids to Identify Them with Kathy Gibbens

Embark on a personal and enlightening expedition with me, Cheryl, as we navigate the waters of homeschooling alongside Kathy Gibbens of the “Filter it Through a Brain Cell” podcast. Kathy is a homeschool Mom who first learned about logical fallacies along with her 7th grade daughter. She quickly realized that this little-taught skill is essential for navigating all the crazy messages we are being bombarded with by culture. Last year, Kathy got off the bench and launched her podcast, where she teaches critical thinking in short, fun episodes and is passionate about helping the next generation learn to think well and love God with their mind.

Together, we uncover the rich tapestry of motivations that lead families to educate from home, challenging the stereotypes and embracing a philosophy of independent thought and strong values. Kathy draws from her well of experience, revealing the profound ways in which homeschooling can cultivate discernment in young minds, amidst a sea of media narratives and persuasive propaganda.

In our latest episode, we're not just talking about the logistics of teaching math or phonics at home; we're delving into the essence of what it means to truly learn. Kathy and I dissect the strategies for nurturing critical thinkers, using everyday situations to expose fallacies and biases that so often cloud our judgment. Whether it's through engaging discussions or the simple act of reading together, education unfurls as a personal journey rather than a one-size-fits-all curriculum, unlocking the boundless potential within each child.

As we close this chapter, we ponder the paths that unfold beyond the homeschooling horizon, where traditional routes of education make way for innovation and self-driven success. Kathy illuminates the exciting prospects for homeschooled children as they embrace entrepreneurship and alternative learning, crafting a future that resonates with their individual passions. For parents and children alike, this conversation is a testament to the power of choice in education and an invitation to redefine what it means to live a fulfilled and continuously learning life.

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