#44: The Symphony of History and Home Education with Curriculum Creator, Tiffany

Ever wondered what drives a mother to pull her kids from a traditional school setting and venture into the realm of homeschooling? My guest, Tiffany, a nurturing soul to five boys, and I peel back the layers on why we both made this audacious switch. This episode is a compass guiding you through our homeschooling journeys, uncovering the joys and trials we encounter while shaping young minds.

Our discourse goes beyond just our personal narratives. We traverse the expansive landscape of homeschool curriculums, spotlighting the remarkable Logic of English curriculum, a transformative tool in Tiffany's teaching arsenal. The conversation takes an intriguing turn as we dissect the rise of homeschooling during COVID-19, the uniqueness of charter schools in the Golden State, and the looming shadow of government involvement on homeschooling. 

We wrap up with a deep dive into the teaching of history, a subject often heavily whitewashed or stripped of its richness. With Tiffany's background in law and history, and as a progeny of Czech Republic lineage, she shares her unique Symphony of History curriculum with us. This innovative approach sees the teaching of history as a cyclical, interconnected journey, emphasizing the need to view historic events from different lenses. We also touch upon teaching contentious events, offering tips on how to present balanced perspectives to our little historians. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea, and join us for a dynamic and enlightening conversation on the transformative world of homeschooling.

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The Symphony of History
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Logic of English

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