#39: How One Mom Left Her Teaching Job to Start a Farm School

What a pleasure to be joined by Brittni this week, homeschooling mom of three and owner of Henrieka Farm Center, a farm school she created in New York after leaving her teaching position. Brittni is also a member of the military, so we thank her for her service to our country. 

Brittni explains to us the importance of doing things for our community, whether it be providing farm fresh food to those in need, or providing a screen free, nature filled before and after care for the local school children. 

I ask Brittni how she came to the decision to leave her career and steady income to homeschool her children and open her farm school. She explains the steps she went through to make such a decision. We discuss how the land she and her husband purchased was once a cottage for the socialites of Albany, NY. Brittni started out by raising chickens and expanded over the years. She even explains to us how she “tanned the hide” this year- and yes, I had to ask her what that meant! 

Brittni created Henrieka Farm Center to nurture children through free play, calculated and supervised risk and to provide an education into the field of agriculture, directly connecting kids to not only the world around them, but their food supply.  The children at Brittni's school learn from a young age how to take care of themselves and others. They learn through experiencing fundamental literacy and educational practices to develop themselves into productive and engaged citizens of their communities.

I think it's safe to say that more of these types of schools are needed in our country. There is such a disconnect today with kids to nature and the food they consume and it's only growing worse with the more we rely on screens. I hope Brittni's message finds those who need or want to hear it and I hope we can work together to bring experiences like this to the children of our communities.

Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools

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