#37: Combatting the Breakdown of the Family Unit with Trent Talbot of Brave Books

This week we welcome Trent Talbot, founder and CEO of Brave Books, and father of three. 

Have you seen those ads with Kirk Cameron raving about books that celebrate strong families and honor traditional American values? These are the books! Brave books believes in the power of family and the family unit's ability to shape the next generation. Trent has collaborated with many proud Americans to write these books, which take your children on a journey to Freedom Island, a world full of fun and engaging stories. Each book is part of a larger story that connects each book in an overarching storyline.

Trent explains what led him to leave his career in Ophthalmology to start Brave Books. We discuss how the family unit is currently under attack and how important it is that we bring back strength within our families.

And one way to do that is by homeschooling!

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