#36 How To Homeschool Your Blended Family and Why Public and Charter Schools Just Didn’t Work

This week we welcome Allisia, or “Babe” as everyone (including her kids, neighbors and mailman) calls her, from Colorado! Allisia is a mom of six- two stepsons and four biological children. Allisia chats with us about how her family is on their third phase of their homeschooling journey- trying everything from public school, charter school and homeschool, to find the right fit. Allisia explains the issues her kids had in each school, like a screaming principle in the lunchroom of an elementary school, and what ultimately lead them to homeschool.

I ask Allisia about homeschooling stepkids and how the children's biological mother feels about Allisia being the kid's primary educator.

We discuss how homeschooling allows us the time to do what we really want to do with our extra time- but what does that mean for kids who don't know what to do with their time? We talk about how video games can be an easy trap for kids and how the growing brain actually changes the way it develops based on the number of screen changes it sees, causing quick dopamine hits, and how that affects ADD and ADHD.

Have you ever asked, “Why do I need to know this?” Well, I have too. We discuss what is actually necessary to know and how it's all based on our world view.

Allisia asks parents, “do you believe your child has a unique set of skills, experiences and way of thinking and a destiny they're meant to fulfill in this world?” If so, then how can we justify sending our kids to an institution that makes them all cookie cutter products? Mind-blown!!!!

This interview is touching, inspiring, and thought-provoking! You definitely don't want to miss it!

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