#35: Why A Homeschooled Mom and Dad Are Choosing Homeschool For Their Kids

Anna and her husband, Donny, were both homeschooled and are now choosing to homeschool their four children. And guess what?! None of them seem weird!! 😁

Anna explains what she liked and didn't like about her homeschooling experience and what Donny would likely say about his. We talk about what they are doing differently with their own kids and why. Anna mentions how prior to 1988, homeschooling in New York State was illegal and how Anna knew some of the people who fought on the front lines for the rights we have currently. Would parents have that sort of tenacity today if we were faced with jail time for choosing to homeschool?

We chat about ways to keep the little ones occupied while trying to work with the older children and we also discuss screen time and what Anna and Donny choose for their children. Is Disney part of it?? You'll have to listen to find out!

Anna's family recently bought land where they are expanding their farm and documenting the process along the way with fun how-to videos that you can check out on their Instagram account @Schroederhillsidefarm. 

You won't want to miss this episode!

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2 comments on “#35: Why A Homeschooled Mom and Dad Are Choosing Homeschool For Their Kids
  1. June Schroeder says:

    Cheryl…what a great interview! Am I biased? Maybe 😉 I’m Anna’s mother in law and I’m so proud of both Anna and Donny, for their love and commitment to their children, and the homeschooling movement. Love the fact that they love to share their knowledge with the homeschool community, and countless others through their YouTube channel, which promotes family closeness, hands-on learning, adventure, hard work, and lots of fun. They find great satisfaction in their accomplishments, and each other. To God be the glory! Thank you for your commitment to share the joy and the how to’s of homeschooling. You are reaching many with this positive approach of teaching your children at home through this wonderful podcast. Thanks for your enthusiasm, and being an encouragement to those who are in the thick of it. By God’s grace, may homeschooling continue to grow and be a sustainable option for parents nationwide, so that another generation of homeschooled kids can rise up and teach their children at home, making this world a stronger and better place…just like you, and Donny and Anna are doing 🙂 Keep it going! God Bless!!

    1. Cheryl says:

      aww that’s a lovely message! Thank you so much! And thank you for homeschooling yourself and allowing your kids to enjoy all the benefits of learning at home!!


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