#3: How to Transition from Public-School Life to Homeschool Life and State Laws That May Be Coming Your Way

This week we spoke with Julie from California who specializes in transitioning families from the public-school life to the homeschool life. We also discuss California laws and what may be coming your way- so keep an eye on your state's proposed bills.

Julie's website:
tentoad.com: Ten Toad

Julie's conference:
tentoad.com/homeschool-connection-conference: General Info — Ten Toad

Documentary mentioned:
Class Dismissed Class Dismissed Movie

Books mentioned:
Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto | Goodreads
What Do I Do Monday? by John C. Holt | Goodreads
How Children Learn by John C. Holt | Goodreads

News outlets:
The HighWire | News
Children's Health Defense • Help Children’s Health Defense and RFK, Jr. end the epidemic of poor health plaguing our children. (childrenshealthdefense.org)

The Tuttle Twins
The Tuttle Twins’ Books Introduce Important Ideas About Freedom That Schools Don’t Teach But Should!

My Homeschool Village
Do you want to homeschool but are overwhelmed with where to start? We have you covered!

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