#27: New to Homeschooling: Why More Dads Are Showing Concern Over the State of Today’s Education

This week we talk with Victor, father of two, who is beginning his homeschooling journey. Victor and his wife both work in the public school system and agree that they do not want to send their kids to public school. Listen to the full episode to hear their reasons why!

After trying out various options, Victor and his wife agreed that homeschooling and attending a co-op is the best option for them at this time. Victor and I discuss the importance of teaching our kids real world math problems, like being able to measure how much paint is needed to paint a room or how to double ingredients for a recipe, when so much of what is learned in school is not relatable to real life. We also discuss the father's role in a child's education and how important it is starting to become, when parents never really had to think twice about it before.

We chat about the pressures that fathers have to protect their family, while also ensuring that their kids have a fun-loving childhood. Where is the middle ground? You don't want to miss this week's episode, I'm sure many fathers and mothers can relate to the wholesome love that Victor has for his kids and the desire he has to give them the absolute best in life!

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