#25: How to Teach a Child When You Never Wanted to Become a Teacher

This week we talk with Deanna from New Jersey. Deanna admits she NEVER wanted to homeschool her children. In fact, she says she celebrated the day her last child went off to full day kindergarten! Listen to find out what actually made her decide she needed to bring her three girls home to learn.

Deanna explains how she went about teaching her kids, spending no money what-so-ever, and how she handled her teenage daughter calling her a “Karen” for not following suit with the government orders.

Deanna's bubbly personality and spunkiness will keep you entertained for this hour, for sure! Listen to the full episode to find out why they have changed the way math is done, what standardized tests are really intended for, and how to handle homeschooling with a full time work schedule.

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