#24: Why Homeschooling Alone is Not Enough with Tuttle Twins Author, Connor Boyack

This week I had the privilege of hosting Connor Boyack, author of The Tuttle Twins books and President of Libertas Institute; an award winning, free-market think tank and educational organization responsible for changing over 100 laws across a wide range of issues.

Connor and I discuss what gave him the idea to create The Tuttle Twins book series and why he calls public school, the “public fool system.”

We talk about why Connor and his wife decided from the beginning that they would be homeschooling their children and what paths they have taken along the way, such as attending Acton Academy.

Connor explains his thoughts on college and if it is really necessary- and when. He also tells us why homeschooling alone is just not enough and what we as parents need to know to intentionally guide our children through this mind war.

Join us for this important interview as we delve into why our kids are being used as pawns and how we can, and must, protect them.

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