#23: Breaking the Stigma of Needing a Career in your Twenties and Leaning In to the Beauty of Raising a Family First with Deborah Harris

This week we talk with Deborah from Florida, who is at the other end of her homeschooling journey… she completed the project!!! And guess what… all six of her children turned out great! Phew, what a relief! 

Debbie raised her kids in Chicago, back when homeschooling was not popular. Homeschool laws were different then and the stigma of homeschooling was fierce! Much worse than we face today. 

But Debbie persevered. With little money and working for another mom on the weekends cooking and cleaning, Debbie was able to provide her kids with all they needed to make their childhoods fun and fulfilling. Even if it meant dumpster diving for old computers for her son to take apart and put back together.

Now that Debbie's homeschooling journey has come to a close, she has ventured on to a successful career in data science. We talk about the importance of understanding that we CAN have it all… just not all at once. 

We discuss how hard it is to break the mindset of needing a career right out of college. We also talk about how we, especially women, fall victim to the “Rachel from Friends”, or “Carrie from Sex and the City” mentality, that getting married and starting a family in our 20s isn't what's best for us, that there's somehow “more” out there… BUT our bodies are meant to bare children and our 20s is the healthiest time to do that! 

I also ask Debbie her thoughts about online curriculum, or “machine learning,” as she calls it, since she works as a credentialed data scientist now. Don't miss her response! Listen today or check out the full video interview on our new YouTube page!
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