#22: Getting Out of the Hustle: How One Family Decided to Give Up Their House for Life on a Bus

This week we welcome Jen Gossett of the Unhustle Bustle. Jen and her husband embarked on a life-changing journey after realizing there’s a better way to educate their children. They sold their brand new, stunning home and traded it for a bus, embracing the homeschooling lifestyle with their two younger girls. 

In this episode, Jen shares incredible adventures while traveling the country and homeschooling along the way.

Prepare to be inspired as she reveals the valuable lessons they’ve learned and the joyous moments they’ve experienced as a family- AND the hardships she has faced.

If you’ve ever dreamed of breaking free from the traditional schooling system and exploring the world with your loved ones, this episode is a must listen! Join us as we dive into their extraordinary journey, uncovering the secrets of successful homeschooling on the road.

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The Good and the Beautiful
Think Well
Harvest Hosts

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