#21: Kick the Desk and Climb Into a Treehouse- Explore New Ways to Foster Your Child’s Love of Learning

Lyndsey joins us this week from North Carolina. She is a homeschool mama of four and the founder of Treehouse Schoolhouse. Before motherhood, Lyndsey had a career in children's ministry and special needs education. Her home education centers around living books and ideas, hands-on learning, nature exploration, and biblical discipleship. She shares experiences and home education inspiration through her Instagram and blog, as well as creates curriculum and resources for families around the world. Her most popular curriculum titles are An Expectant Easter, A Connected Christmas, and Treehouse Nature Study.

Lyndsey and I discuss how she began homeschooling children even before she had kids of her own. She explains how she developed games and fun new ways to learn and how over the years, that organically blossomed into the creation of Treehouse Schoolhouse.

We hear what a day looks like for Lyndsey's homeschooled family and how her nature study curriculum fits into their education. We discuss what role screens play in Lyndsey's home and alternatives that we can try to get our kids off that pecky screen. Lyndsey also gives me some GREAT ideas to try with my 4 year old son who is struggling to memorize letters.

You don't want to miss this episode! It is packed with information, ideas, and will leave you inspired and excited for your homeschooling journey!

Find Lyndsey on her blog: www.treehouseschoolhouse.com and on Instagram: @treehouse_schoolhouse

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