#20: Unschooling and the Corruption of the Education System with Tasha Fishman

Tasha joins us this week from Canada. She is a mom of three boys and an advocate for personal freedom. Like most of us, Tasha was the mom who eagerly pushed her kids onto the school bus so she could do the chores of the house, help run her family business, and meet friends for lunch- until her eyes opened to the widespread corruption of the government and particularly, the education system. 

Tasha began homeschooling, and again- like so many of us, failed immediately when her kids did not want to sit for 6 hours a day and learn from a textbook. Tasha quickly realized that school did not need to be brought home; learning just needed to be brought about in a different way. 

From there, Tasha focused on Unschooling. Unschooling is a philosophy and a lifestyle where you put the needs and interests of your children first before the needs of an institutionalized curriculum which adheres to a teacher, who answers to a principal, who reports to a Board, who complies to our government, who follows the WEF, who ultimately serve the elite ruling class families who control all of us.

Tasha and I discuss the dire need for parents to open their eyes to the corruption going on in the school system. From Canada to the US, there is an agenda going on and our children are being targeted. 

Tasha can be found @Unschooling_Our_Kids on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook
or www.TashaFishman.com

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Unschooling to University:

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