#16: Classical? Charlotte Mason? Unschooling? How One Mom Combines Them All

Hilarie joins us today from Idaho; a mom of three who considers herself a classical home educator that delivers with a Charlotte Mason presentation and leaves lots of room for unschoolery. Say that three times fast!!

As a former hairdresser, Hilarie always felt like she wasn't smart “enough” in school. However, when you listen to her speak on homeschooling- she sounds like she has her Master's in education! Proving that you don't need formal education to learn about things you are passionate about. Hilarie explains to us what the classical education is all about and how she uses it, combined with a Charlotte Mason approach. She then allows her children to explore and lead their learning to create a balance of what inspires them, and what is relevant to their learning ability at that moment.

Hilarie tells us about the six purposes of schooling- you do not want to miss these! We discuss learning the basics, how she homeschools with multiple children, and why homeschooling parents always overdo it in the beginning.  Keep reading to get links to everything referenced during the episode!

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Beautiful Feet Books: https://www.bfbooks.com/

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