#13: Why It Takes a Village: Learn the Secrets To Homeschooling From a Mom Who Started 20 Years Ago

Becky joins us from Utah this week where she discusses her experience of homeschooling over the last 20 years. She tells us how homeschooling is especially hard in the beginning years, but opposite of traditional school, it gets easier as the kids grow. She tells us WHY some homeschoolers are weird- and her secret for getting things like ballet lessons for free!!

Becky started My Homeschool Village to help other homeschooling parents as they set out on their journeys.  Not only does My Homeschool Village offer all the courses your children need for school, but additional courses the whole family can take! Their comprehensive library of resources includes everything from legal information to how to create an effective learning plan for your children. They also provide personalized advice and recommendations to make sure you are successful.

Their program is like having a personal homeschool consultant at your fingertips as you and your family navigate through the homeschool experience. Best of all, it requires minimal or no planning on your part; assignments are graded automatically without any extra effort on your end. You’ll also find their program to be extremely affordable with MY coupon code- perfect for homeschooling families on a tight budget. Included in your monthly subscription is access to top-notch educational sites such as IXL, Reading Eggs, Mathseeds, Starfall, Typesy, and CreativeBug. They cover all the subjects required by the state curriculum plus other topics that parents feel their children need to really thrive – like life skills such as finance, homesteading, herbal remedies, emergency preparedness, and even survival courses!

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