🔒 Curriculum Series: Using “Children Learning Reading,” “100 Easy Lessons” and “Pathway Readers” as a Reading Curricula Combo

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Can teaching your child to read actually be fun and stress-free? On this episode of “The Homeschool How To Find My Curriculum,” we're here to prove just that with invaluable insights from our special guest, Morgan from Tennessee. Morgan shares her success story with the “Children Learning Reading” curriculum, shedding light on how focusing on letter sounds instead of names can simplify and enhance the learning experience for young readers. We emphasize the importance of creating an enjoyable atmosphere, where short, tactile lessons become a delightful part of your child's day.

Ever wondered about the effectiveness of phonetic methods in teaching reading? We take a thorough look at the “100 Easy Lessons” book, which employs unique phonetic symbols to bolster word recognition and build reading confidence. Through personal anecdotes, we explore how its structured lessons, complete with tiny letters for silent characters and special vowel indicators, make the learning process intuitive and less daunting for children. We'll discuss practical tips like keeping lessons short to prevent burnout and supportive strategies when kids face challenging words.

In our final segments, we delve into the Pathway Readers curriculum, a flexible and interactive program perfect for young learners. Morgan compares it with other popular curriculums, highlighting its ability to instill confidence through shared reading experiences. Tune in and discover the secrets to nurturing a lifelong love of reading in your children!

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