๐Ÿ”’ Curriculum Series: The Good and the Beautiful Level K

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Ever wonder how to navigate the sea of Kindergarten curriculums to find the treasure that will captivate your little one's love for learning? Let Justine and I be your guides on this voyage, as we share our hands-on experiences with “The Good and the Beautiful Level K” program. Our latest conversation delves into how this curriculum masterfully weaves fundamental math skills with practical knowledge, and how our childrenโ€”each unique in their learning journeyโ€”responded to its challenges and charms.

Join us as we unpack the joys and adaptability of homeschooling with this comprehensive curriculum, from the engaging games that make math fun, to handwriting activities tailored perfectly for tiny hands. We discuss the value of “practice if not mastered” sections and how this thoughtful approach ensures no child is left behind on the path to understanding the beautiful complexities of the world. Whether you're elbow-deep in lesson plans or just dipping your toes into the homeschooling waters, this episode is packed with insights to help you choose wisely for your family's educational adventure.

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