🔒 Curriculum Series: Math with Confidence Levels K & 3

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Unlock the secrets to making math a joyous journey for your homeschoolers! Join me as I sit down with Carolyn, a homeschooling pro who has found her rhythm with the Math with Confidence curriculum. She's here to spill the beans on how this intuitive resource has transformed her daily teaching routine. Designed as an 'open and go' tool, it offers clear, streamlined lesson plans that have been a game-changer for her two young scholars. Through her narrative, we get a peek into the engaging warm-up activities, comprehensive work pages, and the curriculum's unique way of piecing together concepts from number recognition for the little ones to fractions and geometry for the older kids.

Carolyn's insights shed light on the spiral learning technique at the heart of Math with Confidence, ensuring that key skills stick through consistent review, an approach that has her kids mastering math with, well, confidence! Each lesson is crafted to be digestible, making it a practical choice for any homeschooling family. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the homeschooling scene, this episode is packed with wisdom that could help you turn math lessons from dreaded to anticipated. Plus, don't miss Carolyn's personal stories and tips over on Instagram @unboxed.learning.at.home, where she documents her family's educational adventures.

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