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Ever dreamt of a history class that felt more like time travel and less like memorization? Katie Berry, our curriculum connoisseur, returns to share her experiences with Homeschool in the Woods, an immersive program that makes the past come alive. As Katie recounts the joys of discovering this gem, you'll learn how it can ignite a passion for history in your child, and perhaps, rekindle your own love for the subject. Our conversation delves into adapting the curriculum for different ages, with an emphasis on family-style learning that brings everyone together for a shared educational adventure.

The episode unfolds the practicalities of integrating Homeschool in the Woods into your weekly routine, ensuring that the rich content remains both manageable and enjoyable. Katie walks us through the day-to-day application, giving us a glimpse into how to transform a single lesson into a week's worth of engaging educational experiences. If you're on the hunt for a curriculum that's comprehensive yet flexible enough to fit your family's unique homeschooling voyage, Katie's insights might just be the compass you need. Join us, and let's chart a course through history that's as educational as it is enthralling with the help of Homeschool in the Woods.

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